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Need six months to digest Stock-motorcycle rear light
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Need six months to digest Stock-motorcycle rear light

In 2009, China's auto industry breaking 13.5 million sales mark for the first time become the world's automobile production and sales of the first national car company made a profit of a full bowl overflow basin. But for China's motorcycle industry, despite the motorcycle to the countryside, export tax rebates and other favorable policies to promote production and sales are still down there 10 for the first time, exports fell by over a third, Need six months to digest Stock-motorcycle rear light, nearly one-third of business losses.
July 1, 2010, motorcycles and mopeds the third phase of the national standards for emissions and fuel evaporation to be implemented, the motorcycle industry will be how to deal with? A recent interview with Xinhua, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers branch of the Secretary-General Mr. Li Bin motorcycle.
Motorcycle sales in 2009 declined for the first time
According to Li Bin, introduced in 2008 China's motorcycle production 27.5 million, 2009 to 25.4276 million annual output, down 7.54%; sold 25.4701 million, down 7.3%. Total exports of motorcycles 6.2914 million yuan, down 35.64%. He predicted that in 2009 annual motorcycle was only 108.3 billion yuan of industrial output is likely.
Related statistics show that China has become the world's 17 consecutive years of motorcycle production superpower. China's current motorcycle market structure: about 1 / 3 of exports, 2 / 3 of domestic market; of which 2 / 3 of sales are sold in about 20% of the city, 80% sold to the rural market. Jin Mo in 186 cities across the country circumstances, the motorcycle is now in low-income people the most basic means of transport. As of 2009, China's motorcycle to maintain the amount of about 170 million, while rural areas account for about 80% of the amount retained.
Underestimated the difficulties of third countries to implement two stock cars difficult to digest Li Bin, said in an interview this year, relevant departments will be promulgated and implemented the State, "State 3 emission standards", two motorcycles from July 1, 2010, three-wheeled motorcycle vehicles from July 1, 2011 began to enforce this standard. The implementation of this policy, will promote the Chinese motorcycle industry structure adjustment and technological change, industrial upgrading has become a trend, country, three standards will be the development of China's motorcycle industry booster.
Li Bin said that since the standards for release in 2007, the enterprises to increase R & D investment, and actively prepare for the implementation of standards. However, from the difficulty of the implementation of standards as far as my adopted country, three evaporative emission standards and fuel standards for the practice of simultaneous execution, which is rare in developed countries, potentially increasing the difficulty of the enterprise deal with.

Need six months to digest Stock-motorcycle rear light

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